COUP.College Courses have been developed to support development of people, teams and organisations in flexible learning programs.  They stand alone as self-paced training or they can be used to complement our individual coaching or team training programs.

Each Course comprises a series of Classes that group discrete video learning Sessions of roughly seven minutes, followed by Action Learning that prompts you to explore the application of insights in your own context.

Elevate your mastery of practical competencies in a series of short learning bursts, or buckle up and work your way through an entire Class.

As of February 2021,  the only course available to members is the Communication Course.  Classes in Composure, Collaboration and Cognition will be added in coming weeks.

Sample session insight - The STAR Structure for Storytelling

Requires Membership

100. Communication

This is a practical and comprehensive approach to developing the power and ability to create awareness, understanding and belief; whether live, online or in media.


200. Composure

The power and ability to remain grounded, connected and calm when things become challenging; a useful competency when dealing with the stressors of the pandemic.


300. Cognition

An accessible and practical approach to improving the quality of your thinking. Avoid the cognitive errors and delusions that undermine your decision-making.


400. Collaboration

Collaboration is a competency; the power and ability to contribute to, or lead teams of people to achieve great things, whether its face-to-face or online.